Waukesha South Jr. Blackshirts (4th Grade)
Boys' Basketball

Team Information

Country: United States
City: Waukesha (Wisconsin)
Sport: Basketball
TeamType: Elementary School


11/11/2011 8:03:15 PM

The only plays that the boys are expected to know at this time are:

Offense : South

Inbounds: Stack, Wisconsin

Press: Wisconsin

Press Defense: Base

All the others we will learn at some point this year. Feel free to study ahead so they know what we will be learning this year.

Coach Henes

New Berlin West Tournament
11/11/2011 6:18:48 PM

Reminder to be to the gym no later than 7:45am. 7:30am if possible.


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11/12/2011 vs. Brookfield Central
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