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We offer free team websites for coaches, players, parents, and assistants! To get started, just open an account with TeamOnThree. We understand that coaches have a limited budget and would rather spend their money on sports equipment, uniforms, or post game snacks rather than paying for a team website so we created this free service.

When you sign up to create a free team website, our sport team website wizard will ask you for information about your team. After you enter your information, we'll automatically add it to our sports website teamplate and build it for you!

Free Team Website Example

Free sports team websites

Your sports team website is the hub for all your team-related communication. You can post your practice schedule, game schedule, team information, player of the week, and much, much more! Here’s just a few of the customizable areas of your team site:

Your player’s parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members can visit your public team website throughout the season. You can even create a short URL to give to them for quick access to your sports site.

Free Team Website Features List
Playbook Maker Create as many animated plays as you want!
Team Calendar Manage games and practices
Practice Plans Organize your practices
Text Messaging Unlimited
Statistics Tracking Track statistics game by game
Multiple Administrators Delegate coaches to manage the website
Albums and Photos Unlimited
Documents Unlimited
YouTube Videos Unlimited
Contact List Keep an organized contact list
Player Roster Manange your player roster
Coaching Staff Roster Manager your coaching staff
Player Of The Week Showcase your players week by week
News Articles (Links) Unlimited
Custom URL Custom URL makes it easy to remember
Customize your website logo
Custom Wesite Colors Customize your webage look and feel
Multiple Teams Create one or multiple teams for your league

What sports are supported?

We offer free team websites for the following sports:

Want a free team website, but don't see your sport listed? Contact Us

But that’s not all!

Your free team website can contain information about your coaching staff and players, along with serving as the central point of contact for your team administrator.

Here are a few reasons why you should create a free team website:

  1. Use it as the central point for all team-related communication.
  2. Post your practice and game schedule information for players and parents.
  3. Allow the public to learn about your sports team.

Who is using TeamOnThree?

Thousands of coaches from all over the world have already joined TeamOnThree to build a sports team website. To see for yourself, search for a team near you.

Here’s a few examples:

Don’t delay, get an edge on the competition by joining TeamOnThree to create your own free team website. All you need to do is create an account. It only takes a few minutes to get started – and the price is right.

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