Football Practice Tips

How to run an effective football practice continued...

Tip # 3 – Stretch before practice

Most athlete’s do not stretch before practice. A great way to warm up is to spend 5-10 minutes stretching before doing a short conditioning drill. This is a great way to get your players warmed up before getting into the "core" of your practice.

Most players play different positions and should concentrate on stretching different muscles. Wide receivers and running back should concentrate on stretching their legs as they will be running more often the athletes in other positions. Lineman should focus on their lower body and back. Quarterbacks should spend extra time stretching their back and arms. This will provide them with additional flexibility and better velocity on passes.

Doing some additional stretching after practice can provide a nice warm down and reduce the number of injuries. One way to be consistent with your stretching is to have the players get together with their position coaches each day, and have the coaches lead the stretching drills.

Tip # 4 – Shorten your practices at the end of the season

As you get close to the end of the football season, try cutting your football practice plans to 90 minutes (or less). This will help your player to rest and reduce the changes of players getting injured. Having a well rested football team can go along way at the end of the year.

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