Create Sports Playbooks

Create an online sports playbook

Did you know that you can create an animated sports playbook for your team and share your plays with all of the athletes on your team? If not, you came to the right place. TeamOnThree allows you to create a sports playbook for your football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or tennis team. You can design plays and store them online to be accessed anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection). Did we mention that it’s FREE?

Sports Playbook Designers

Picture of football playbook maker

Our football playbook maker will guide you through the creation process. You can make your sports plays as simple or as complicated as you want; it’s up to you. Here’s a few reasons why we think it’s a good idea to create a sports playbook with us:

  • Your playbook is secure. You control who can view your playbook.
  • Players can review your plays. Practice won’t be the only time your team will learn your plays.
  • Access your plays anywhere. Since your playbook is online, you can access it anywhere.

Our playbook maker allows support for the following sports:

Basketball Playbook Maker Picture of basketball playbook maker
Soccer Playbook Maker Picture of soccer playbook maker
Baseball Playbook Maker Picture of baseball playbook maker
Hockey Playbook Maker Picture of hockey playbook maker
Lacrosse Playbook Maker Picture of lacrosse playbook maker
Rugby Playbook Maker Picture of rugby playbook maker
Tennis Playbook Maker Picture of tennis playbook maker
Volleyball Playbook Maker Picture of volleyball playbook maker

How to create a playbook?

  1. First off, you need to create an account (it’s FREE).
  2. Tell us about your sports team.
  3. Select Playbook from the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Create a folder to store your new plays in.
  5. Design your animated sports play using our free playbook maker.

You can create as many plays as you want, there is no limit. Your sports playbook can be viewed by your players and assistant coaches so your team can review your playbook outside of practice. Now, your coaching doesn’t have to be bound by the basketball court, football field, baseball diamond, volleyball court, or tennis court.

Get started today! It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and you can begin creating a sports playbook in no time.

Good luck this season,