Football Playbook Maker

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How to get starting using our online football playmaker.

Join today to use our free football playbook maker with your team and coaching staff this season. You can create offensive, defensive, and special teams football plays. It's an easy way to design new plays and share them with your team.

Football Playbook Maker

To begin using our football playbook maker:

  1. Join Team On Three and create a football team website.
  2. Click on the name of your new team and locate the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Click Team Management and select Playbook.
  4. Once the playbook maker loads, create a new folder.
  5. Open the folder and click the Add Play button.

Lastly, follow the instructions on the page to build your new animated football play.

Creating Football Plays

Our football playbook software allows you to create animated plays. You can view your plays on any desktop or laptop computer that runs Microsoft's Silverlight. Begin by dragging the offensive and defensive player icons on the football playbook maker's background. Make sure you include a quarterback, running backs, wide receivers and defensive players. Once you have all of the icons lined up, click the Record button.

Now move the icons to the next position and click the Record button again. Repeat this process until your football play is complete. By recording each step, our football playbook software will create a smooth transition between each segment. The playbook maker will put each segment into a series for you.

To see the end result, check out our football playbook example.


By using our play book maker, you can:

  1. Design an unlimited number of football plays.
  2. Share your football playbook with your team.
  3. Brainstorm new formations and offensive and defensive sets.

How do I get started?

Create an account; our service is free for football coaches no matter what level you coach - youth, high school, college, etc. We have a number of free coaching tool you can use along with our online football playbook maker. Take advantage of all our football software has to offer.

Good luck this season,

Team On Three