How to use the Basketball Playbook Maker

TeamOnThree's Basketball Playbook Maker

Using TeamOnThree's free Basketball playbook maker to create basketball plays and drills

TeamOnThree's basketball playbook maker makes it simple for coaches to create basketball plays, drills, and share them with their team players. This is a great way for players to learn team plays by making it easy and fun. Coaches sign up today and get started creating your online basketball playbook.

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Basketball Playbook Maker

Using TeamOnThree's Online Basketball Playbook Maker

TeamOnthree's online basketball playbook maker is fun and easy to use. This step by step guide will help you get started creating your first basketball playbook. Once you have signed up you can create your basketball plays and drills in minutes!

Step 1: Sign up for a TeamOnThree coaching account. Coaches, once you signed up and logged into TeamOnThree you must create a coach and team profile before you can use the the free online basketball playbook maker. Once you have logged into TeamOnThree, the home page wizard will guide you through the steps of setting up your profiles. When your basketball team profile has been created select Playbook from the tools menu from the main naviation.

Select basketball playbook maker

Step 2: Create a basketball Folder Name to create your sports plays in (Multipile if needed). You can use folders to seperate defenses, offensive plays, and basketball drills to keep your online basketball playbook organized and easy to share with your teams players. Type in the basketball playbook folder name in the text box below.

Create basketball playbook folder name

Step 3: Once the basketball playbook folder has been created click the Open button to open the newly created playbook folder. Once you have entered the playbook folder, click New Play to create your first online basketball play (In this example three plays have already been created and are ready to be viewed, edited, or deleted).

View basketball playbook plays

Step 4: In the Play Name text box type in the basketball play name. In the sports drop down list select the option for a basketball half court or basketball full court to create your animated basketball play.

Create basketball play name

Step 5: Use the animated basketball playbook maker to create your basketball play. To view the complete list of instructions click the blue view instructions link in the top left corner. The basketball play book is layed out with five blue offenisive players and five red defensive players. Coaches have the choice to use only the offensive players or both to create the basketball play. To start drag the five offensive basketball icons onto the basketball court. Click the Capture button to capture your starting basketball formation.

Tip: You can rename any basketball player icons by double clicking on them and adding any two digits (letters or numbers) in the text box below and click Set. All icons names must be set before the first time the capture button is clicked.

Basketball playbook designer half court

Step 6: Move the five basketball player icons to their next positions and click the Capture button. This will create the movement from the starting point to the current captured position. Repeat these steps until all of the positions in the basketball play have been captured. You can create unlimted amount of positions to create the animation. The Screen Shots count is updated every time the capture button is clicked. You can click Play to view your play at anytime. Click Save to save the newly created online basketball play and return to the playbook folder.

By default each capture point is a one second. This can be edited once the play has been created to speed up or slow down the animation.

Animated basketball playbook designer

Step 7: Your first online basketball play has been created! Click any of the links to view the play, view playbook folders, or return to your coaching homepage.

Basketball play created successfully

Not a member yet? Get started now to use the basketball playbook maker to create your teams basketball playbook in minutes!

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